Thaynnara Amorim

Thay has been collecting Pentel mechanical pencils since she was 7 years old, when she received her first one from her father. Because he is a Pentel Lover, he passed on her passion for the brand to her daughter. Thay is a very charismatic person and knows everything about stationery! On her Instagram, she shows her collection (it's worth checking out the highlight “Pentel” 😊) and presents her day to day life, using materials and testing the latest releases from the world of stationery, as well as talking about curiosities and bringing suggestions for use. Everything in a light and simple way, which captivates her followers. The Pentel product that Thaynnara loves most are the Pentel P200 mechanical pencils. However, she uses other products in her daily life such as pens from the Energel, Izee and I + line. “The mechanical pencil can be anything, as long as it is Pentel” Welcome to the Thay team! ❤️



"Pentel for me is not just a brand! Pentel is Affection! It is part of my life and my story… And it starts with me when I received my first mechanical pencil as a gift from my father in the 1st grade at school! I thought it was The most beautiful thing in the world to see my father with that mechanical pencil in his pocket and saying that it could be any mechanical pencil as long as it was Pentel, because it's the best in the world! And so I fell in love with the brand and the mechanical pencils they make! 100% part of my daily life!"