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HI-Polymer Eraser

• "Teen" colored erasers with polka dot print • Hi-polymer formula makes particles unite, resulting in cleanliness and precision on the spot to erase

Energel Infree Pen

ENERGEL INFREE • Iconic symbol of the entire Energel brand • It has a sophisticated design and can be present on several occasions • Visible load across your body transparent and elegant • Smooth writing, quick drying and vivid colors

Izee Ballpoint Pen

iZee • Designed in France • It has bright and low viscosity ink • Available in 0.7mm and 1.0mm with tamp

Colored Graphite

Colored Graphite • Pentel's colorful graffiti is perfect to write, make drawings and sketches • Non-erasable • Each tube contains 12 graphites

Pentel Traditional Mechanical Pencil

TRADITIONAL • Japanese quality, since 1970 • 4mm long fixed tip • 5 times stronger than similar ones • For students and professionals who need write or draw with quality