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Colored Graphite

Colored Graphite • Pentel's colorful graffiti is perfect to write, make drawings and sketches • Non-erasable • Each tube contains 12 graphites

Multi8 Colored Graffiti

MULTI8 GRAPHITE • Colored graffiti is not erasable • They are perfect for sketches • Erasable 2.0 HB graphite option

HI-Polymer graphite

HI-Polymer Super graphite • Traditional graffiti, since 1979 • Developed to provide resistance and softness • Each tube contains 12 graphites

Ain Stein graffiti

Ain Stein graffiti • Honeycomb structure, making it the most resistant • To open the tube, turn the cap and remove the graphite • Withstands greater pressure when writing • Super soft and resistant

Pentel Ain graphite

Pentel Ain graphite has a smooth writing experience, due to the new manufacturing method, where a special oil is used as raw material. Its performance reaches a high level of properties such as softness, resistance to breakage and stains. For ease of use, the structure of the box was designed to be able to operate with just one hand, reducing the risk of damaging or dropping the graphite. Available in 4 calibers: 0.3mm; 0.5mm; 0.7mm; 0.9mm.