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Energel Infree Pen

ENERGEL INFREE • Iconic symbol of the entire Energel brand • It has a sophisticated design and can be present on several occasions • Visible load across your body transparent and elegant • Smooth writing, quick drying and vivid colors

Energel Pen

• They are ideal for professionals who value for smooth, smudge-free writing • Low viscosity and drying paint faster than conventional ones

Clena Energel Pen

• Elegant design • Enjoy a writing experience smooth and smudge-free • Quick-drying Energel paint, making it an option for left-handed people

Energel Permanent Gel Ink Pen

• Anti-fraud pen, ideal for signing documents • Modern and elegant design • Permanent gel ink: does not erase even over time • Waterproof and fade-proof after drying

Energel X Pen

• Comfort when writing • Ink with low viscosity and quick drying • Colorful body and rubberized grip

Energel Black Pen

• Gel pen with elegant design • Features smooth writing and quick-drying ink • Rubberized paint that guarantees greater quality and comfort

Energel Wave Pen

• Perfect gel pen for students • Smooth writing and quick-drying ink • Its light body means the user can write with quality and practicality • Excellent cost x benefit

Energel Makkuro Pen

• Ideal for all audiences • Quick-drying Energel ink • They belong to Ninja Makkuro, who has great power of concentration and intelligence, as well as great agility, strength and joy of living

Hybrid Dual Metallic Pen

• The combination of pigmented ink with glitter and dye ink that generate rich shiny metallic colors that change tint at different angles • Applicable on light and dark papers

Hybrid Milk Pen

• Colored gel pen in pastel colors • Ideal for greeting cards, diaries, antistress drawings and coloring books • Usable on light and dark papers • Glows in black light

Hybrid Roller Pen

• “Crystal” body in gold and silver colors • Waterproof and fade-resistant paint • Ideal for decoration cards and colored papers • Can also be used for general writing

MatteHop Pen

• Discover fun ways to color with MATTEHOP • High opacity paint with a matte finish • Vivid ink writes beautifully on white paper and color (including photo paper)

Refill for Energel pens

• Replacement refill for Energel pens • Available in 0.5 and 0.7mm tips • Black and blue colors