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HI-Polymer Eraser

• "Teen" colored erasers with polka dot print • Hi-polymer formula makes particles unite, resulting in cleanliness and precision on the spot to erase

HI-Polymer Soft Rubber

• The most sought after on the market • Provide a greater feeling of softness • Hi-polymer formula that makes particles come together resulting in cleanliness and precision

HI-Polymer Rubber Ain Black

• Erases effortlessly and without smudging • Ideal for students and professionals who need delete proof and special projects • Black debris makes cleaning easier when contrast with the white of the paper

HI-Polymer Eraser Slim Body

• Quality and smoothness when erasing • Slim body, ideal for professionals who need erase corners and small areas of projects • Great for storing in your pencil case

Click Eraser

CLICK ERASER • The eraser pen is very soft to erase • The pen format makes it easy to store and gets less dirty due to the protective cover • Refill available for replacement