Chiara Bozzetti!

Since she was little, her favorite game was drawing and painting. Chiara has a degree in painting from the School of Fine Arts at UFRJ, and also has a specialization in Botanical Watercolor at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, which gave her specialization in the field. Nowadays, she has her own space, Chiaroscuro Ateliê de Pintura and Portal Aquarele-se. She has already shared her knowledge with more than 8 thousand students, in person and online. On her Instagram, you can find several wonderful arts that are made with watercolor. The Pentel materials she uses most in her arts are: Aquarela Water Colors, Aquash Brush and Color Brush. And of course her drawings are always accompanied by our Neo Sable brushes. Welcome to the team Chiara! ❤️



"I've been teaching watercolor for 14 years and Pentel has always been present with me in my Studio! It's the brand I recommend to all beginners in this beautiful art that is watercolor! Add more color to your life with Pentel! "