Cesar Marchesoni

Cesar is a very talented artist! After many arts on paper, he felt that he could do something different and dress people with his arts. With that, he started customizing other items so that his work could be used in everyday life! On his Instagram, you can follow his work, where he shows several customized items such as jackets, bags and sneakers. All the items look incredible and totally unique, bringing charm to followers. The Pentel materials he uses most in his arts are: Fabric Fun and Aquash Brush brushes! But he also uses mechanical pencils for sketches and permanent Paint Marker pens! Welcome to the Cesar team! ❤️



"The quality of Pentel products is unquestionable! The paints have an excellent texture and fill. The pens and mechanical pencils are smooth and precise. In customizations, I transform the client's idea into art and working with reliable products is essential.

Customers always praise the quality and durability of the materials."