Camila Gondo

Camila is an extremely talented artist! Since she was little, she has had a hobby of drawing and nowadays, she works with watercolors and mural painting! Camila has a degree in Design from UNESP and is a muralist and watercolorist. She was already working with watercolor when she discovered her love for painting on walls in 2015, where she did her first mural work. Now, she owns her own studio. In the space, she teaches several workshops, passing on her knowledge to different students. On your Instagram, you can follow your beautiful work that delights everyone! The materials she uses are Water Colors watercolors, Acrylic Color paints and, of course, Neo Sable brushes! Pointliner pens are also used to add a finishing touch! Welcome to the team Camila! ❤️



"Pentel products have always been with me since before college. My dream was to have a black mechanical pencil to be able to create, draw and write. I still have that mechanical pencil and still use it today in my creations!"