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Carol Pafiadache

Carol is a charismatic and very creative person. She is a complete artist, who transforms art materials into true masterpieces. Specializing in coloring books, she is also a lover of the world of stationery. Currently, she teaches her techniques in courses and workshops at events and fairs (including at Pentel stands😊). On her Instagram profile, she shares her beautiful work, presenting tips and tutorials for her followers. Furthermore, she has a YouTube channel, where you can find more complete tutorials. She works with various Pentel Art materials, such as colored pencils, oil pastels and Acrylic Color paints. In addition to these products, she also uses colored gel pens, such as Mattehop and Hybrid. Welcome to the team Carol! ❤️

Cesar Marchesoni

Cesar is a very talented artist! After many arts on paper, he felt that he could do something different and dress people with his arts. With that, he started customizing other items so that his work could be used in everyday life! On his Instagram, you can follow his work, where he shows several customized items such as jackets, bags and sneakers. All the items look incredible and totally unique, bringing charm to followers. The Pentel materials he uses most in his arts are: Fabric Fun and Aquash Brush brushes! But he also uses mechanical pencils for sketches and permanent Paint Marker pens! Welcome to the Cesar team! ❤️

Camila Gondo

Camila is an extremely talented artist! Since she was little, she has had a hobby of drawing and nowadays, she works with watercolors and mural painting! Camila has a degree in Design from UNESP and is a muralist and watercolorist. She was already working with watercolor when she discovered her love for painting on walls in 2015, where she did her first mural work. Now, she owns her own studio. In the space, she teaches several workshops, passing on her knowledge to different students. On your Instagram, you can follow your beautiful work that delights everyone! The materials she uses are Water Colors watercolors, Acrylic Color paints and, of course, Neo Sable brushes! Pointliner pens are also used to add a finishing touch! Welcome to the team Camila! ❤️

Thaynnara Amorim

Thay has been collecting Pentel mechanical pencils since she was 7 years old, when she received her first one from her father. Because he is a Pentel Lover, he passed on her passion for the brand to her daughter. Thay is a very charismatic person and knows everything about stationery! On her Instagram, she shows her collection (it's worth checking out the highlight “Pentel” 😊) and presents her day to day life, using materials and testing the latest releases from the world of stationery, as well as talking about curiosities and bringing suggestions for use. Everything in a light and simple way, which captivates her followers. The Pentel product that Thaynnara loves most are the Pentel P200 mechanical pencils. However, she uses other products in her daily life such as pens from the Energel, Izee and I + line. “The mechanical pencil can be anything, as long as it is Pentel” Welcome to the Thay team! ❤️

Chiara Bozzetti!

Since she was little, her favorite game was drawing and painting. Chiara has a degree in painting from the School of Fine Arts at UFRJ, and also has a specialization in Botanical Watercolor at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, which gave her specialization in the field. Nowadays, she has her own space, Chiaroscuro Ateliê de Pintura and Portal Aquarele-se. She has already shared her knowledge with more than 8 thousand students, in person and online. On her Instagram, you can find several wonderful arts that are made with watercolor. The Pentel materials she uses most in her arts are: Aquarela Water Colors, Aquash Brush and Color Brush. And of course her drawings are always accompanied by our Neo Sable brushes. Welcome to the team Chiara! ❤️

Lucas Medeiros

Lucas is an architect who fell in love with the art of Lettering in 2018 and since then he has been creatively drawing letters and teaching his art. His handwriting leaves everyone very enchanted! He teaches workshops throughout Brazil, bringing his knowledge to people of all ages. On his Instagram, he shares his work with several simple tips and tutorials, in a captivating way, so that everyone can learn. For Lettering, the Pentel products he uses are Brush Sign Pen, Energel Pens, Mattehop, Paint Marker, Color Brush and even Correction Pen to sometimes add finishing! Welcome to the Lucas team! ❤️

Charles Laveso

Charles developed a love for art as a child after creating a portrait drawing, from then on his life would no longer be the same. Charles does an excellent job with realistic drawings, which he specializes in. He has given lectures in several states in Brazil and other countries, taking his knowledge to the world! On Instagram, he shares his philosophy of life and his work, such as his detailed drawing process. It is possible to find beautiful art, which resembles photographs. His work requires exact precision due to the details, and for this he uses Pentel technical mechanical pencils such as the Graphgear 500, 1000 and Lapiseira Smash, always accompanied by our erasers and graphites. Welcome to the team Charles! ❤️

Guilherme Toledo

Guilherme is a sketch enthusiast, architecture student at UFPR and member of the USK urban design group, which led him to develop a passion for architectural design. As he is a lover of architectural sketches, he shares his work on Instagram, sharing various tips and tutorials in a didactic and simple way for his followers! The Pentel products he uses in his art are our Pentel, Smash and Graphgear 500 and 1000 mechanical pencils. In addition to the mechanical pencils, Guilherme uses materials such as Water Colors watercolors and Pointliner pens for a more charming finish. Welcome to the Gui team! ❤️